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freeze-drying technology

The University of Barcelona shows its confidence in Coolvacuum’s freeze-drying technology

02 de June de 2022

One week ago, Coolvacuum successfully installed one of its laboratory freeze dryers, model LyoLab 1.0, in the University of Barcelona’s Service of Development of Medicines (SDM) pilot plant. 

Apart from installing and kicking off the machine, Coolvacuum technicians carried out the qualification service and offered a 3-day training course for SDM’s staff, faculty lecturers, and some Ph.D. students, so they can all start using the freeze dryer for the required tasks optimally.

The model that has been installed will be used by the Service of Development of Medicines for research applications, thanks to the high control and precision that LyoLab offers when developing freeze-drying recipes for later production scale-up. Seeking the maximum similarity with GMP equipment, this LyoLab model equips a total of 3 vacuum probes: 2 vacuum sensors in the chamber (Pirani and capacitive vacuum sensor), and another one in the condenser (Pirani). 

The Service of Development of Medicines was set up in 1996 by the Pharmacy Faculty of the University of Barcelona, and nowadays it provides technical, scientific, and research services for the development of medical devices and drugs for human and animal use in the pharmaceutical industry and kindred fields (veterinary drugs, cosmetics, phytotherapy, health products, pharmaceutical raw materials, etc.).

The SDM is currently renewing its facilities in Barcelona, and it has trusted Coolvacuum’s innovative freeze-drying technology for its future developments. It is worth highlighting that the center’s staff is more than satisfied with the performance offered by our LyoLab, something for which we take pride in, as well as for being able to collaborate with top international universities with the suppliance of our freeze dryers.

La Universitat de Barcelona confía en los liofilizadores de Coolvacuum

freeze-drying technology