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Project Management

A unique contact person to coordinate it all

Our clients expect from Coolvacuum not only a product of a high technological level and extensive features, but also accurate coordination throughout the production phase.

We assign a Project Manager as a single contact person who will coordinate internally:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Control and programming
  • Purchasing
  • Assembly
  • Adjustments
  • Qualification and documentation
Industrial Freeze Dryer

The follow-up meetings schedule and the production planning, where the most important milestones are set, are the essential documents between Coolvacuum and the customer, to avoid any deviations.

For this, the latest technologies in both planning and communication are used internally and with clients, with the only purpose to have everything properly coordinated.


Your project manager will

Solve all your doubts from the very beginning of the project

Manage all the equipment requirements

Monitor in detail all the teams involved in the project

Report repeatedly about the status of the project

Always connected

Our experts can solve any technical problem remotely. We provide agile and efficient technical service for freeze-drying equipment throughout the lifetime of our equipment.

Whatever you need