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Freeze-drying equipment manufacturing

Coolvacuum was created to meet the need of the pharmaceutical industry for a reliable and efficient partner who would improve freeze-drying processes in the industry.

After years of in-house development of freeze-drying equipment, the objective of the company shifted towards the integration of complete lines in aseptic filling processes, to guarantee our customers safe and cross-contamination free processes. Thanks to the proximity and good business relationship with the Dara Pharma Group, Coolvacuum is later integrated into the Group through acquisition.

Coolvacuum & Dara Pharma

Owners of the company Coolvacuum (from left to right: Roberto Calvo, Oscar Ral, Manuel Garrote and David Ral).

Manuel Garrote starts his activity as specialist in maintanance, adjustments and upgrades of lyophilization equipment.

2004 - 2008

Commissioning of the first freeze-drying equipment and the biggest one in the Spanish pharmaceutical sector.


First freeze-drying equipment design.

2014 - 2015

Coolvacuum is founded in Terrassa and the first industrial freeze dryer is built.

Manufacture of 6 freeze dryers of 30 and 20 m² with centralized cooling system for the Nutritional sector.

The first project for manufacture of a 30 m² pharma freeze dryer for probiotics.


Laboratory and Pilot range launch.


Coolvacuum goes international.
The first GMP production equipment installed in Russia.


The first freeze dryer of 100 m².


The first equipment with the loading system ROW BY ROW.


Dara Pharma acquires Coolvacuum, a freeze dryer manufacturer. This strategic acquisition transforms Dara into a global provider of complete solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. From left to right: Roberto Calvo, David Ral, Manuel Garrote, Oscar Ral, Andreu Antonell and Joan Melé. Launch of the new product family (LyoCompact / LyoCool / LyoPro), offering and integrating the latest technologies at the highest quality.


First integration of the freeze drying equipment in the Dara Pharma Group filling lines and development of the first loading system into a freeze dryer.