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Coolvacuum, freeze drying equipment

In 2020, Coolvavuum has become part of the Dara Pharma Group and Dara has become a global manufacturer capable of offering turn-key solutions for freeze-dried injectable drugs.

Coolvacuum was founded in 2008 as a specialized company providing maintenance and upgrades to existing freeze-drying equipment all across Spain.

Turn-key solutions


DARA Pharma Group and MOTUS reach an agreement to manufacture loading systems into freeze dryers

Now, and after several years of cooperation with the German company MOTUS Engineering, both companies have reached a technology transfer agreement. Thanks to this alliance, DARA Pharma Group will get the know-how to manufacture and integrate...

DARA Pharma Group will develop MODULINE isolators under the agreement with GETINGE - LACALHENE

In 2014, DARA and GETINGE - LACALHENE reached an agreement to develop and manufacture a modular, flexible, and standardized concept of aseptic filling lines in isolator. That is when Moduline product range was born...

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