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After Market

Always connected, always available

Coolvacuum is a synonym for trust and reliability.

Our pursuit of excellence and customer-oriented service completes high-quality equipment and represents a high level of commitment.

Coolvacuum offers, from the very beginning, a wide and flexible range of products and services designed to provide you with optimal support and ensure the machine’s performance at its full capacity.

Coolvacuum’s range of service 4.0, following the “Flexibility in motion” concept, takes advantage of cutting-edge technological advances, such as augmented reality or predictive maintenance, to provide the best technical support in terms of quality, effi-ciency, effectiveness, and response time.

Our technicians are available 24/7 to assist and solve any technical problems remotely worldwide.

Coolvacuum’s service excellence is achieved thanks to a cross-functional team of more than 15 nationalities and personalized customer attention managers.

Represented in more than 80 countries with contin-uous support from local offices and sales represen-tatives.


Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryer

Proactive services

In coordination with the clients production plants, Coolvacuum coordinates and plans interventions to update equipment or improve its functions, on a scheduled basis to be able to manufacture and develop the elements to be integrated or replaced, and to be implemented in the equipment already installed in the productive areas, when each client plans to carry out maintenance and commissioning technical shutdowns. These jobs require high specialization, knowledge and preparation, since many times, they have a few days to update essential equipment that will return to the uninterrupted productive rhythm immediately.

· Advanced training
· Certification
· Maintenance
· Inspections
· Predictive maintenance – IoT

Coolvacuum After Market

Reactive services

The production demands and the high performance offered by the equipment in the pharmaceutical industry, sometimes lead to warnings, alarms and unscheduled interventions, which due to their urgency, must be resolved immediately. It is here where Coolvacuum's remote and local service and assistance team offers support and solutions to any event or unexpected need. Spare parts, adjustments, advice, unexpected stops, are the most requested services in this area of vital importance for the Coolvacuum technical service.

· Dara Customer Service portal access
· Remote technical support 24/7
· Mechatronic staff availability in 24/48h
· Augmented reality

Freeze Dry Industries

Life Cycle services

The double or triple shift productive days, executed 6 or even 7 days a week, require, for their absolute reliability, preventive maintenance programs, which allow adjusting and replacing any wear part, in the few times in which it is possible to intervene in the team, between cycle and cycle. The Client - Coolvacuum joint work is essential for the perfect coordination of actions, in an environment where unforeseen events cannot take place.

· Spare parts
· Customized spare parts
· New formats
· Retrofits
· Upgrades

Pharmaceutical Lyophilizer

Spare parts

Our goal is that our machines perform at their best, and to provide the relevant spare parts in the required quantity and quality is one of the steps to achieve this goal.

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Aseptic Lyophilization


We constantly innovate so that our technologies remain up-to-day over time. To keep up with the constant changes in the production of different processes, helps to save money, reduce downtime, and increase the quality of the final product.

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Lyophilization Services

Technical support

Our highly qualified technical team is at your disposal to clarify any doubt and solve any incident, consult designs, extensions, formats, and other technical documents. They are professionals who have extensive experience in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging sector, they continually receive relevant training and are aimed at providing the best service to our customers.

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Industrial Lyophilizer


Our experts can solve any incident remotely. We provide technical service for freeze-drying equipment based on agile and efficient support during the whole cycle of life of our equipment.

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