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Loading systems

The Dara Pharma Group is an expert in vial handling

The automation requirements, aimed at efficiency and potential cross contamination reduction in the loading / unloading area of freeze dryers, have evolved to the point that most new facilities already feature systems designed to be perfectly integrated to the filling line as well as the freeze-drying equipment.

The Dara Pharma Group provides distinctive, integral solutions thanks to the overall design and integration of complete filling and freeze-drying lines at the Dara plant.

The Dara Pharma Group offers a wide range of systems that can operate depending on the needs of each client and selected application.

Model NLS
Nest loading system
Vial loading system
Vial loading system
Load sequence PUSH-IN Row by Row PUSH-IN PULL-IN
Unload sequence PULL-OUT Multiple Row PUSH-OUT PUSH-OUT
Based technology Robot Servo cylinder Servo chain
Output max. 115 "Nest" / h 12,000 uph 24,000 uph


Small Freeze Dryer

Manual loading and unloading

This system, mainly used in small facilities, allows the customer to load vials or bulk product either in trays or frames.

These systems can be static or mounted on loading carts that also transport the product from the filling area to the freeze-drying area.

Freeze Dryer

Semiautomatic loading and unloading

Dara can offer the best solution for loading and unloading, be it fully automatic, semi-automatic or something in between. The Dara technical team can evaluate each application and offer specific solutions to meet space or budget limitations, reduce operators needed, decrease loading times and ensure the customer the best possible process.

Automatic loading and unloading

Dara’s technical team will evaluate your automation requirements and specific the best transport system and has many solutions as listed below:

  • Row by row system with PUSH-IN cylinder /PUSH-OUT cylinder.
  • Row by row systems with PUSH-IN cylinder /PUSH-OUT internal chain.
  • Row by row system with external chain PUSH-IN / PULL-OUT.
  • Row by row system with internal chain PULL-IN / PUSH-OUT.
  • Robotic system for loading of formats in nest.


VLS + LyoPharm NLS + LyoPharm

Aseptic Lyophilization

Transfer Carts

Regardless whether manual, semi-automatic or automatic loading systems are chosen, it is necessary to evaluate how to transfer the product towards the freeze-drying area in a quick and safe manner.

Some facilities install fixed transport systems where vials are guided individually, but in case the filling line does not allow fixed installations, other systems are required that will allow to transfer vials and already loaded shelves under laminar flow.

These carts can be fixed to both the filling line and the freeze dryer, for loading and unloading operation, using different technologies:

  • Manual loading and transport cart.
  • Semi-automatic loading cart and manual transport.
  • Automatic loading cart and manual transport.
  • One-shelf loading cart and automatic transport for multiple PUSH-IN / PULL-OUT freeze dryers.


Freeze Drying System

Buffer accumulation systems

The buffer accumulation system allows coordination between the continuous motion filling system and the intermittent loading of the freeze dryer, yielding high efficiencies with an integrated system.

Dara Pharma can implement specific solutions, adapted to each filling line, loading system, and available facility space.

Custom solutions to each client,
for new processes or upgrades of existing equipment,
adapted to any requirement