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From 2 to 6 m² of shelf area
Condenser capacity up to 80 kg
Output for 2R up to 28,000 vials

GMP production equipment for small scale production

Single body chamber and condenser. The bottom shelf as intermediate valve

Reduced plant footprint

Standalone frame for cooling system

Standalone frame for vacuum system 


Compact solutions. Cutting-edge technology with a reduced footprint

When production needs require the latest technol-ogy operating under the highest market standards, Coolvacuum LyoCompact is a groundbreaking solution as this range of freeze dryers combines a compact design, the best  components, features versatile software and is manufactured using the latest in engi-neering design. 
It easily adapts to any space thanks to its modular design. The vials can be loaded manually or automatically. In addition, the LyoCompact model includes an integrated condenser and uses the bottom shelf as an intermediate valve.

Model LyoCompact
Shelf area 2.16 m² 2.88 m² 3.6 m² 4.32 m² 5.04 m² 5.76 m²
Shelf dimensions (W x D) 800 x 900 mm
Nº of shelves 3 4 5 6 7 8
Shelves clearance 105 mm 90 mm 75 mm 105 mm 90 mm 75 mm
Chamber width 1,750 mm 1,750 mm
Chamber height 3,100 mm 3,300 mm
Condenser capacity 40 kg 45 kg 50 kg 65 kg 80 kg  80 kg
Condenser temperature -85 ºC
Shelves temperature range from -60 ºC to +85 ºC

Optional equipment

The chamber

  • Rectangular chamber

  • Pressureless vessel

  • Injected foam insulation

  • Cooling by cold water circuit

Connection with condenser

  • Butterfly valve

  • Mushroom valve

  • Bottom shelf closing

Ice condenser

  • Integrated underneath, on the same floor

  • Integrated on the side, on the same floor

  • Outside, behind the camera, on the same floor

  • Outside, under the camera, on another floor

Shelves movement

  • Closing system hydraulic piston

  • Bellows

  • Connection with the automatic charging system


  • Chamber and condenser cleaning system

  • Recirculation system with heating

  • Multiple cleaning cycles


  • PED-EN13445

  • ASME

  • Chamber cool-down after SIP

Plant distribution

  • 1st floor

  • 2 floors

  • Passthrough system

Additional elements

  • ATEX (processed with solvents and alcohol)

  • Cold tray loading

  • Frozen tray loading

  • Nucleation technology


  • Piston compressor

  • Screw compressor

  • Liquid nitrogen system

  • Cascade system

  • Cooling system without PCA

  • Compressed air system


  • Full size door

  • Automatic locking

  • Slot front door (constant loading level)

  • Full size sub-door

  • Cooling by cold water circuit

Process sensors

  • Pirani

  • Capacitive

  • Temperature probes (Pt-100 / Thermocouple)

  • Redundant temperature probes (Pt-100 / Thermocouple)

  • Wireless temperature monitoring

  • Full batch traceability software

Control systems

  • Rockwell / Siemens Automation PLC

  • Integrated HMI


  • Electronic recorder

  • Electronic Server and Think Client

  • Cycle optimization technology

Filter vent system

  • Sterilizable

  • Ports for integrity testing

  • Secondary venting cycle

  • Secondary vent filter

  • Water filter integrity test

Vacuum system

  • Sealed vacuum pumps with blowing system

  • Redundancy (additional pump)

  • Dry pumps with blowing system

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