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Continuous development of the pharmaceutical industry is the origin of Coolvacuum´s market approach, which requires to provide the pharmaceutical manufacturers with innovative and technological solutions to help them meet the challenges of the market.

That is why Coolvacuum not only invests in technological development, but also in extensive and diverse communication programs, whether through technical articles, seminars, news, or events, to keep our customers informed.

Dara Pharma acquired 100% of Coolvacuum, a freeze drying company


Do not miss our most relevant past and future events. The evolution and growth of Coolvacuum is recognized internationally by our clients as well as by public and private organizations.

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The DARA Pharma Group designs versatile "Turn-key" solutions for vials, syringes and cartridges

Press releases

At Coolvacuum we understand the importance of keeping our customers and suppliers informed, giving special attention to communicating the most notable events. Read the most relevant ones here...

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Trade shows and events

Coolvacuum´s international presence has evolved progressively and been marked mainly by technological development and consolidation. Today, the Dara Pharma Group is known worldwide what can be seen from the international trade show program which include the 15 most important and world-renowned events. See here the calendar of upcoming events…

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