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Software & Integrated equipment

Reliable and easy batch control

Custom equipment for freeze dryers

Control and software for freeze dryers

Coolvacuum includes only leading automation solutions in the freeze-drying processes of the pharmaceutical industry, offering a safe, reliable and user-friendly control panel and data management.

In R&D and drug development, data recording and recipe adjustment are of special importance, as they define, develop, and set the parameters for efficient future production and obtaining maximum performance from the freeze-dried product. All automation and controls are designed to current GAMP guidelines and comply with CFR21 part 11 regulations.

Software Base + Trend Scada


Base software

Register with different user levels from the freeze dryer’s control screen.

Register with different user levels through a PC.

Recipe programming

Base software

Enter the freeze-drying recipes parameters from the control screen.

Recipes can be programmed remotely from the control PC. All recipes or movements are recorded by Audit Trail.


Base software

Production data can be extracted via USB or mem-ory card.

All recorded data is reflected in the cycle report ensuring maximum reliability and reproducibility of the process.

Some of the features:

  • Single file of the process with direct traceability (audit).
  • Alarms notification by email.
  • Data Integrity Compliant.

Coolvacuum Trend software (optional)

Registered data can be transferred to a computer via Ethernet and later consulted by lot number or date.
The program generates graphs automatically.

Internal communication architecture

Internal communication architecture

Integrated equipment and instruments

Coolvacuum works with the most reputed worldwide brands including only top-level components in all its equipment, always leaving the option to customers to substitute or combine other elements.

Integrated equipment and instruments

Vacuum pumps

Coolvacuum can adapt its equipment and install a specific pump depending on product or process requirements, like the extraction volume or final vacuum level, product toxicities or Ex-proof regulations.

· Rotary
· Vane
· Oil bath
· Two stage


Based on standardized configurations that allow working with the most demanding cooling curves, Coolvacuum is open to customizing and adapting to the needs of each client to turn each equipment into a standard within its production plant, sharing the most critical components with other existing equipment. International brands widely implanted in the 5 continents, are commonly used by CV whose objective is the adaptability to the needs of their clients.

· Piston
· Screw
· Nitrogen


The precision, reliability, and response time of these components, that work under the most demanding conditions, are crucial when it comes to the configuration of the equipment that will be used intensively for long productive periods. These elements, being represented worldwide, can be supplied locally immediately.

· Membrane
· Proportional
· Micrometric

Temperature probes

Probes are one of the most critical and precise elements of a freeze dryer that allow taking the freeze-drying curves to its maximum performance, guaranteeing that the final product suffers neither power loss nor formulation efficiency. Coolvacuum relies only on leading brands, using the most suitable elements for each project or application, like wireless probes (thermocouples) or Pt-100 process probes.

· Pt-100
· Thermocouple
· Wireless

Pressure sensors

Together with the temperature probes, these elements are responsible for the quality and stability of the cycle and are also crucial for its correct operation and calibration. Coolvacuum offers multiple configuration proposals, featuring dedicated or duplicated sensors, according to the needs of each customer, to obtain the necessary redundancy and information at each stage of the cycle. We use only reputed international brands on our equipment.

· Pirani
· Capacitive