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Optional equipment

A world of possibilities at your disposal

The chamber

Rectangular chamber

Pressureless vessel

Injected foam insulation

Cooling by cold water circuit

Connection with condenser

Butterfly valve

Mushroom valve

Bottom shelf closing

Ice condenser

Integrated underneath, on the same floor

Integrated on the side, on the same floor

Outside, behind the camera, on the same floor

Outside, under the camera, on another floor

Shelves movement

Closing system hydraulic piston


Connection with the automatic charging system


Chamber and condenser cleaning system

Recirculation system with heating

Multiple cleaning cycles




Chamber cool-down after SIP

Plant distribution

1st floor

2 floors

Passthrough system

Additional elements

ATEX (processed with solvents and alcohol)

Cold tray loading

Frozen tray loading

Nucleation technology


Piston compressor

Screw compressor

Liquid nitrogen system

Cascade system

Cooling system without PCA

Compressed air system


Full size door

Automatic locking

Slot front door (constant loading level)

Full size sub-door

Cooling by cold water circuit

Process sensors



Temperature probes (Pt-100 / Thermocouple)

Redundant temperature probes (Pt-100 / Thermocouple)

Wireless temperature monitoring

Full batch traceability software

Control systems

Rockwell / Siemens Automation PLC

Integrated HMI


Electronic recorder

Electronic Server and Think Client

Cycle optimization technology

Filter vent system


Ports for integrity testing

Secondary venting cycle

Secondary vent filter

Water filter integrity test

Vacuum system

Sealed vacuum pumps with blowing system

Redundancy (additional pump)

Dry pumps with blowing system