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Our relationship is based on the constant teamwork, answering all your questions about applications and processes, analyzing the data, and offering consulting service at any stage of the project.

Coolvacuum will accompany you from the initial consulting phase where we can help define and develop the project URS, through the production and equipment development phase, where together with our R & D department we can develop and adapt your needs to the offered product, until the final phase of acceptance, installation, and commissioning of the equipment. From this moment, our after-sales project managers will guide you through the life cycle of your equipment, whether with predictive maintenance programs or special tailor-made programs, including audits, training, and other related services.

Lyophilization Equipment
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In our facilities
and thanks to the continuous evolution of LyoTech Center,

we can test the freeze-drying capacity of your products
and carry out all the testing operations for you.

After-sales Service

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always available.

Our experts can solve any technical problem remotely. We have all necessary technological means to assist you.

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