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Production freeze dryers

Customized compact and effective solutions

Coolvacuum developed a complete range of industrial freeze dryers, with a useful shelf area from 0.5 to 45 m2, to cover different production needs.

With 5 basic models and more than 40 optional features, Coolvacuum freeze dryers can be adapted to the specific needs of our clients.

Using only the best and most reliable materials and components, our equipment complies with the quality levels expected by the advanced pharmaceutical industry.

Vial loading capacity
shelves m21.5 10 12 14 

Ø 16 mm (2R-4R)


Ø 22 mm (6R-8R)


Ø 24 mm (10R-15R)


Ø 30 mm (20R-25R)

shelves m215 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 38 45 

Ø 16 mm (2R-4R)


Ø 22 mm (6R-8R)


Ø 24 mm (10R-15R)


Ø 30 mm (20R-25R)


Coolvaccum Dara Pharma Liofilizador LyoNano


GMP production equipment - Small batches

During pharmaceutical and biotechnological development, high value-added and personalized configuration products require a highly demanding process in small batches and in full compliance with regulations and procedures.

From 0.5 to 2.5 m² of shelf area
Condenser capacity up to 40 kg
Output for 2R up to 10,000 vials
Technical sheet

Coolvacuum Dara Pharma Liofilizador Lyo Compact


GMP production equipment - Small scale production

When production needs require the latest technol-ogy operating under the highest market standards, Coolvacuum LyoCompact is a groundbreaking solution as this range of freeze dryers combines a compact design, the best components, features versatile software and is manu-factured using the latest in engi-neering design.

From 2 to 6 m² of shelf area
Condenser capacity up to 80 kg
Output for 2R up to 28,000 vials
Technical sheet

Coolvacuum Dara Pharma Liofilizador LyoCool


GMP production equipment - Medium scale production

An increase in production volumes is always accom-panied by proportional manufacturing equipment sizing. Here, Coolvacuum offers the LyoCool range that represents a perfect balance between compact design and a cooling system capa-ble of managing large production batches.

From 7 to 15 m² of shelf area
Condenser capacity up to 250 kg
Output for 2R up to 65,000 vials
Technical sheet

Coolvacuum Dara Pharma Liofilizador LyoPro


GMP production equipment - Large scale production

Do you need a high-performance free dryer for large scale production? Coolvacuum offers a solution for this requirement, the model LyoPro. This freeze dryer enables safe, large-scale freeze drying and has easy-to-install design and maximum flexibility.

From 16 to 45 m² of shelf area
Condenser capacity up to 800 kg
Output for 2R up to 200,000 vials
Technical sheet

Coolvacuum Dara Pharma Liofilizador LyoPharm


GMP production equipment - Freeze dryers within everyone’s reach

LyoPharm is an excellent example of the balance between the investment made and the benefits obtained.

From 2 to 45 m² of shelf area
Condenser capacity up to 800 kg
Output for 2R up to 200,000 vials
Technical sheet

Quality and performance standards

Performance data

Sublimation rate (kg/h) - from 1 to 35 kg/h

Preparation time between batches (CIP / SIP, drying, cooling) - 8 h


Surface roughness - 0.8 µm

System leak rate  - 0.008 mbar x l/s


Flatness on shelf surface - 1 mm/m

Surface roughness on top side (Ra) (Ra) - 0.8 µm

Surface roughness on bottom side (Ra) - 0.8 - 1.4 µm

Temperature distribution on one shelf - < 1 ºC

Temperature distribution in shelves stack - < 1.5 ºC

Temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of a shelf - < 1 ºC


Inner surface of condenser - Mirror

Surface roughness of condenser coil - Cold drawn

Defrosting time - from 20 to 60 min

Evaporation surface ratio vs shelf surface - 0.99 m²/m²

Cooling and heating

Shelves cooling rate from +20 ºC to -40 ºC - 1.5 °C/min

Shelves heating rate from -40 ºC a +60 ºC - 1.5 °C/min

Temperature range during drying - from -50 °C to +60 °C

Condenser cooling rate +20 to -40ºC - 1.5 °C/min

Final condenser temperature- -75 ºC


Final system vacuum - 0.005 mbar

Final vacuum of freeze dryer - 0.01 mbar

Vacuum evacuation time from 1,000 a 0.1 mbar - 30 min

GMP Freeze Dryer

Optional equipment for production freeze dryers

Discover our complete range of equipment for our freeze dryers LyoNano, LyoCompact, LyoCool, LyoPro y LyoPharm.

Production equipment