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Coolvacuum after-sales team have extensive experience in the equipment assembling and commissioning.

We implement the latest manufacturing, automation, and control technologies in our production facilities. We also carry out complete telematic assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Lyophilization Services


Our relationship is based on constant teamwork, offering solutions to all your questions about applications and processes, analyzing the data, and offering advice at any stage of the project.

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Lyophilization Equipment

Project Management

Our clients expect from Coolvacuum not only a high-tech product with extensive features, but also accurate coordination throughout the production phase. That is why we assign a Project Manager as a single contact with the customer, to coordinate all the work related to the project development and to harmonize internally the mechanical and electrical engineering, programming, purchasing, assembly, adjustments, and validation tasks.

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Lyophilization Machine

Ergonomics test

In the pharmaceutical industry, the high protection requirements for both the product and the operators condition the equipment design since the equipment preparation and adjustment operations must be carried out through gloves or specific tools.

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Freeze Dryer Company

Start-up and commissioning

Coolvacuum’s technicians have extensive experience in start-up and commissioning of equipment anywhere in the world. We integrate complete lines, implementing our own or third-party equipment, and can ensure a turnkey installation with an absolute guarantee of operation.

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Lyophilization Equipment

Technical Audit

We thoroughly study all your equipment so that your machines run at their maximum performance, are safe and with the least number of interruptions possible. We help you achieve all your objectives with our comprehensive audit services.

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Lyophilizer Suppliers

Process optimization

Thanks to our audit, calibration, and consulting services for freeze-drying equipment, aseptic filling lines and containment systems, the processes are originally thought and designed with a single purpose of achieving efficiency. Process optimization is only conceived as a universal element and implies that the improvement can be implemented or conditioned by adjacent elements that must also be considered for the same purpose.

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Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryer

Qualification and validation

In pharmaceutical production, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are essential to guarantee that the manufacturing process is constantly controlled according to the quality standards, and the drugs can be used safely.

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Industrial Lyophilizer


We offer different types of personalized and flexible training courses. Coolvacuum training courses are designed in a way to familiarize your employees with our machines, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

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Laboratory Lyophilizer

LyoTech Center

Our LyoTech Center is part of the Dara Tech Center, located in the Coolvacuum headquarters in Barcelona.

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Vacuum Freeze Drying Machine

After Market Services

Always following the same path

The freeze-drying processes of the future will be more efficient, complex, and implemented and connected remotely and digitally. Being always at the forefront of technology, we offer fully personalized support during the entire life cycle of your equipment, whether it is Coolvacuum equipment, or from any other company.

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