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freeze dryers in Nicaragua

Coolvacuum successfully installs two freeze dryers in Nicaragua

12 de April de 2022

We at Coolvacuum are proud to announce the successful installation of two freeze dryers in Nicaragua in the plant of a major client. The equipment will be used in vaccine development.

LyoMicron and 1 m² of shelf area LyoLab are the models that have been satisfactorily implemented and started at the customer’s facilities by one of our technicians, following the service of excellence that Coolvacuum provides to all customers for every project.

About LyoLab pilot freeze dryers, it is worth mentioning their high precision and control to develop freeze-drying recipes for later production scale-up, and for productive freeze-drying of small non-aseptic batches of high-added value products as well.

On the other hand, LyoMicron laboratory freeze dryers have been specially designed for freeze-drying tests during the conceptual phase or freeze-drying of low value-added products in small batches. Its compact design and powerful performance will meet the needs of any laboratory; additionally, it can be equipped with a wide range of accessories for any application.

The client has thus welcomed the given service and has praised the state-of-the-art technology and quality of both machines.

This is the first project that Coolvacuum completes of freeze dryers in Nicaragua, stating by this a growing trend in our exportations to Latin America that we’ve been experiencing this last year.

freeze dryers in Nicaragua

freeze dryers in Nicaragua