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Pharma & Nutrition Equipment

Freeze-drying equipment for the pharmaceutical industry

Coolvacuum breaks into the global pharma market with a new range of completely renewed products, based on the combination of the latest technologies and modular engineering that allows each client to create the equipment that best suits his needs.

Specific lyophilization solutions

Coolvacuum Dara Pharma Liofilizadores de Laboratorio

Laboratory freeze dryers

Reliability and flexibility for all your applications

Our laboratory freeze dryers are specially designed to meet the freeze-drying requirements of the most demanding industrial R&D departments as well as laboratories and universities.

LyoMicron | LyoEpic | TriEpic

Coolvacuum Dara Pharma Piloto

Pilot freeze dryers

Accuracy and control, fully tailor-made

Coolvacuum pilot freeze dryers are designed for cus-tomers that wish to develop and optimize freeze drying recipes and be able to scale up to a production unit.

LyoLab | Lyolab⁺

Coolvacuum Dara Pharma Equipos GMP

GMP production freeze dryers

Customized compact and effective solutions

Coolvacuum developed a complete range of industrial freeze dryers, with a useful shelf area from 0.5 to 45 m2, to cover different production needs.

LyoNano | LyoCompact | LyoCool | LyoPro | LyoPharm

Coolvacuum Dara Pharma Liofilizadores de Laboratorio

Freeze dryers for the probiotic and nutritional industry

Designed for bulk freeze drying

Being experts in freeze-drying for the probiotic and nutritional industry, Coolvacuum has designed and developed the LyoBiotic line to offer excellent quality equipment ready to be integrated into production lines.


Coolvacuum Dara Pharma Loading & Unloading Systems

Loading systems

The Dara Pharma Group provides distinctive, integral solutions thanks to the overall design and integration of complete filling and freeze-drying lines at the Dara plant.

The Dara Pharma Group offers a wide range of systems that can operate depending on the needs of each client and selected application.

Manual | semiautomatic | automatic
Transfer carts | Buffer accumulation

Coolvacuum Dara Pharma Isolator

Dara Pharma protection and containment equipment

The aseptic pharmaceutical manufacturing requires the production area free from microbiological and particle contamination.

Due to the growing concern for product and operator protection and complex regulatory framework of the pharmaceutical industry, it became essential to design the processing equipment together with its containment system.

LAF | oRABS | cRABS | Isolator / Moduline™

Coolvacuum Dara Pharma Freezers

Plates freeze-thaw systems

For biotech products and blood plasma

To obtain a uniform and reproducible product freezing, a range of plate freezers has been created that cover both laboratory and productive needs.

FreezeEpic | BioFreezer | BioFreezer⁺

Coolvacuum Dara Pharma Software Scada

Control, software and integrated equipment

Reliable and easy batch control. Custom equipment for freeze dryers

Coolvacuum includes only leading automation solutions in the freeze-drying processes of the pharmaceutical industry, offering a safe, reliable and user-friendly control panel and data management.

Software Base | Trend | Scada

Coolvaccum Dara Pharma Turn Key solutions

Turn Key Solutions

Complete tailor-made solutions

The continuous evolution and development of drugs and their routes of administration forced the pharmaceutical industry to invest in complex and reliable production lines that can be adapted to the specific needs of each client.

Turn Key Solutions

Engineering locally, acting globally

We have created a cross-functional team of more than 15 nationalities to give excellent after-sales service.
Represented in more than 80 countries with continuous support from local offices and sales representatives.