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Accessories for laboratory & pilot freeze dryers

Wide range of accessories

Coolvacuum has developed a range of tailored-made accessories to optimize the equipment performance in each application.

AccesoriesShelvesNeoprene valvesShelf area (m²)Clearance (mm)Height increase (mm)
Dimensions (mm)Number
Circular chamber for MicronØ 200 mm68-0.180.253535420
with vials stoppering3 + 1-0.0970
with electrical heating68-0.180.253535
with electrical heating and stoppering3 + 1-0.0970
top cover with manifold6860.180.253535
Circular chamber for EpicØ 370 mm6-0.658069550
with vials stoppering4 + 16 + 1-0.430.65
with electrical heating6-0.65
with electrical heating and stoppering4 + 1-0,43
cover with manifolds68-
Rectangular acrylic chamber for Micron with / without electrical heating (W x D)390 x 420 mm5-0.6343450
Rectangular acrylic chamber for Epic with / without electrical heating (W x D)420 x 390 mm5-0.8243450
“PRO” chamber with silicone oil (W x D)200 x 300 mm2 + 15 optional0.1270690

Optional configurations

  • Condenser -55 ºC / -85 ºC.
  • Hot gas defrosting system.
  • Coolvacuum Trend software for batch / cycle data logging.
  • SCADA software to process production data acquisi-tion in accordance with FDA 21CFR part 11.
  • Remote connection.
  • Vacuum control for cycle optimization.
  • Chamber / condenser isolation valve.
  • Organic solvent condenser.
  • Gas discharge filter for the vacuum pump.
  • Infinite condenser for continuous freeze drying.

Custom solutions to each project, for new processes
or upgrades of existing equipment.

Accessories for laboratory freeze dryers