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The LyoPharm freeze dryer installed in Colombia.

Coolvacuum completes the installation of a LyoPharm freeze dryer in Colombia

17 de May de 2023

Last week, Coolvacuum completed the installation of a 20 m² plate surface GMP freeze dryer, model LyoPharm, in Colombia. A group of Coolvacuum technicians traveled to the customer's plant to finalize the qualification and commissioning of the freeze dryer, which is now fully operational.

The LyoPharm is the flagship model in Coolvacuum's range of GMP production freeze dryers. This machine has been designed to meet the most demanding production requirements, offering up to 800 kg condenser capacity, and processing up to 200,000 2R vials. In addition, the installed model incorporates a CIP/SIP system for more efficient cleaning and sterilization of the equipment.

Standardizing the components and configurations for this and other freeze-drying equipment allows Coolvacuum to offer high-performance freeze dryers with very short delivery times and affordable prices.

In this particular case, we are very proud to have met the delivery deadline for this freeze dryer, according to the commitment established with the customer, who is more than pleased with the unit installed in their production plant.

The LyoPharm freeze dryer installed in Colombia.