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LyoLab 0.5 pilot freeze

SYLENTIS trusts in Coolvacuum’s state-of-the-art LyoLab freeze dryer for its new Spanish facility

22 de April de 2022

We at Coolvacuum are taking pride in having installed our LyoLab 0.5 pilot freeze dryer in the recently opened SYLENTIS Spanish plant, in which the company aims to manufacture oligonucleotides.

Located in the Technological Park of Madrid, this new plant is the first to be opened in Spain and the third in Europe for manufacturing and analysis of oligonucleotides. Oligonucleotides are short chains of DNA or RNA produced by chemical synthesis that are active ingredients of a new class of drugs. Currently, the demand for drugs based on RNA technologies is increasing, and, in Spain, this need was still not covered, as there was a production dependence on third countries.

By installing and starting up our LyoLab lyophilizer in this plant, Coolvacuum has helped SYLENTIS, a subsidiary of Grupo PharmaMar, to start manufacturing these products in its facilities.

LyoLab pilot equipment stands out for its high precision and control to develop freeze-drying recipes for later production scale-up, being as well designed for productive freeze-drying of small non-aseptic batches of high-added-value products.

In the following video, you can watch the installed equipment at 1:01, and at 1:23:

LyoLab 0.5 pilot freeze