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Dara Pharma and Coolvacuum with MOTUS

DARA Pharma Group and MOTUS reach an agreement to manufacture loading systems into freeze dryers

07 de September de 2021

Dara Pharma and Coolvacuum with MOTUS

Pursuing its goal to offer fully integrated complete aseptic filling lines, in 2020, DARA acquired COOLVACUUM, the manufacturer of freeze dryers.

Now, and after several years of cooperation with the German company MOTUS Engineering, both companies have reached a technology transfer agreement. Thanks to this alliance, DARA Pharma Group will get the know-how to manufacture and integrate into its filling and freeze-drying lines the renowned Loading Automatic System of the German manufacturer.

MOTUS was founded in 2000 as a spin-off of the world-distinguished HOF, a leading freeze dryer manufacturer. Thus, the company developed the design of the automatic loading and unloading systems for its headquarters. Currently, it operates independently in the German market.

Under this agreement, DARA Pharma Group, being an expert in the vials handling and transfer, has immediately received the know-how required for the automatic loading and unloading of freeze dryers. The broad and proven expertise of the German manufacturer will, therefore, allow us to shorten the development time of a new product line. Moreover, its reliability is guaranteed as it is based on existing and recognized technology. 

Dara Pharma and Coolvacuum with MOTUS