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Complete line for the production of freeze dried vaccines in Nest.

Coolvacuum and Dara Pharma develop line to produce vaccines, thanks to funding from CDTI and ERDF

28 de Februar de 2023

Thanks to funds provided by the Center for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), Coolvacuum and Dara Pharma have been able to develop a complete line for the packaging and freeze-drying of vaccines in a nest. 

The purpose of the subsidy received from these two institutions is to promote technological development, innovation, and quality research. Our company achieved these ideals through the design of a "turnkey" solution to optimize the production of freeze-dried vaccines in a "Ready-To-Use" format. 

The grants awarded to Dara Pharma Group by CDTI and ERDF for the design of this solution total 2,360,037.81 Euros, which represents 78.26% of the 3,015,637.38 total Euros budgeted for the execution of the project. 

The main advantages of this line are that it provides unit traceability via PAT measurement, monitoring for unit control of the product sublimation speed, and high versatility in the formats processed, along with maximum integrity and protection against cross-contamination. All this, in a compact and modular design, provides a prototypical example of what Dara Pharma Group is well known for in the market. 

This new line typology is focused on providing highly homogeneous freeze-drying conditions for the drug in all the containers, quality compliance with the highest standards, as well as high line efficiency, and greater environmental sustainability thanks to the implementation of cooling systems that avoid the use of polluting refrigerants. 

Finally, the project also includes the development of a system for the automatic loading and unloading of the nest into the freeze dryer. This can be operated only from the outside of the equipment, and it guarantees precise positioning of all the nests in its interior.

The execution of the project started in July 2021 and was completed in October 2022, achieving all the technological innovation objectives that had been set with the development and production of this solution.


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Complete line for the production of freeze dried vaccines in Nest.